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Live (Online) Training

Live Training

See How it works in less than 3 minutes

Logitrain welcomes you to Live (Online) Training. Experience Convenient Learning.

Q: Is it pre-recorded training videos or e-learning?
A: No, it is not pre-recorded training videos or e-learning, it is real training delivered by our trainer in real-time. With our Live (Online) Training Course, you will be in the classroom virtually, you will see and hear the trainer, watch the slides, take notes, interact with the trainer, ask questions, hear other participant’s questions, perform hands-on labs. We will book your official certification exam (if included in your course) at the test centre of your choice which has availability within 3 months of course completion.

Q: Do I need to download any software to attend live training?
A: No, there is no software required to attend live training. You need a Windows or Apple device and a reliable internet connection. Live training supports iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch and Andriod as well.

Q: What is the process? How does the training work?
A: You book the course through our website and upon confirmation from us pay the fee. Once the fee is received we will post to the hard copy course material and a headset to the address provided in the form; the login details are emailed to you before course commencement. On the day of the training at the course start time AEDT, you click the link and connect with our trainer from anywhere. We use the Cisco Webex tool to deliver the training, there is no special requirement to attend from your end, all you need is a Windows or Apple device and a reliable internet connection. In some cases, Skype may be used to deliver the training.

Q: Where is the trainer located?
A: The trainer delivers the training course live from one of our training centres.

Q: Where do I have to take the exam?
A: We give you the convenience to take the exam at any authorised test centre in New Zealand. There are many test centres throughout New Zealand and we will try to book it in a centre with availability or provide you with the exam voucher to book the exam.

Live Online Training is a classroom-based experience where you can attend our class from anywhere in the world through your computer or laptop. It is an education platform which gives you the freedom to virtually attend the class from anywhere irrespective of your location, it allows you to join, collaborate and interact as if you are “actually” in the classroom.

Through our Live Online Training, you can share ideas and communicate directly with the instructor and other attendees in the classroom. You will be able to communicate with other Live (Online) Training participants and enhance your skills by exchanging your ideas, thoughts and perceptions.

The requirement for attending Live (Online) Training is high-speed internet and a device running Windows or iOS.

Some of the benefits of live training are:

* Saves time and saves money travelling to the training facility

* Enriched learning experience with hands-on live instructor-led training

* Brings the classroom to you at work, at home, at the beach, in your garage or anywhere in real-time

* Provides remote access to real ongoing class events

* Provides the flexibility to participate in virtual lab environment

* Opportunity to ask questions to the instructor during the live training session

* Available Weekdays, Weeknights and Weekends

Hear what others had to say after experiencing the live (online) training:

“Unbelievable, great training experience right from my desk” – Graham H

“I watched the slides, interacted with the trainer, asked questions, performed hands-on labs and learned heaps in my space” – Tony G

“This is better and more convenient than attending classroom courses or e-learning” – Vijay K



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