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Change Management Foundation and Practitioner

Change Management Foundation and Practitioner Course + Exam

Change Management Foundation and Practitioner Certification

The Change Management Foundation and Practitioner Package is a beneficial choice for those willing to acquire a solid background in theoretical knowledge and a strong skill set for change implementation in real-world settings. This course also prepares you for the APMG Change Management Foundation and Practitioner certification exams.

Implementing change is not an easy task – it is a challenging endeavour that has obstacles such as team resistance, the hardness of adaptability to the new, low engagement and willingness to understand the importance of the intended changes. Sometimes, without the right skills and knowledge change implementation ends up in the failure of a major and important organizational project.

The course covers the key factors for a change project and applies the concepts and tools in practical activities at the classroom.

The participant brings his / her own cases and we build practical interventions using theory as a background. Scenarios are shown along the course focusing on the issues that are the big “chokers” of change projects.

If you need to learn about change, you need to manage one or several projects involving change, this course will help you experience what you can do in practice and what can go right and wrong.

One of the differentials of this course is the set of techniques and instruments tested that will be presented in the course and that is perfectly compatible with the application in the companies. Therefore, the examples are appropriate to NZ reality and all participants will be invited to share their knowledge and experiences to identify opportunities to manage organizational changes in all sectors.

Among the course objectives are:

  • Understand the organizational context for implementing changes;
  • Understand the structures and approaches proposed for the management of organizational changes;
  • Distinguish the required change dimension versus the management required;
  • Know techniques and tools used that reflect in People Management and Change Management;
  • Assess, in the context of the Organization, the need for change management; Independently structure a Change Management Plan.

At the end of the course, the student will know the best practices of change management and will recognize its importance as an instrument of organizational transformation. The student will have knowledge and experience to take into account the organizational scenario, intended changes and impact on the people and team involved. Participants will be able to act in the structuring of a change management plan, knowing its phases and tools used in the business market.

This certification is a key requirement for the following jobs:

  • Change managers
  • Staff involved in delivery of change programmes
  • Change sponsors
  • Business change managers
  • Change implementers

There are no pre-requisites for Change Management Foundation certification.

Change Management Foundation course and certification is a pre-requisite for Change Management Practitioner certification.

Candidates can achieve this certification by passing following exam(s).

  • Change Management Foundation Examination
  • Change Management Practitioner Examination

The certification exam can be registered and attempted within 3 months of course/module completion


Change Management Handbook
  • Understand the key principles in defining what is to be learned by all involved in a change initiative
  • Appreciate the ‘project’ environment in which change is governed and delivered, and change managed
  • Project Management – change initiatives and projects
  • Sustaining Change
  • Change levers
  • Levels of adoption
  • Reinforcing systems

This course is likely to add to the employment related skills of the participants. The skills developed are likely to be used in the course of being an employee or working in a business.

  • Professionals requiring a deep understanding of Change Management
  • Professionals working in project environment and want to understand and apply change management practices
  • Identify the organisational drivers of a change initiative and the links that initiative has with any governance structures (e.g. strategic, program or project governance)
  • Use a range of organisational paradigms to understand, support and sustain change processes, taking account of the culture of the organisation
  • Apply an appropriate process framework to help plan or understand any particular organisational change
  • Establish a clear framework of roles, skills and activities through which leaders from different levels can support and sustain the change process
  • Contribute effectively to preparation for a change initiative, including building the change team, offering insights which improve team effectiveness
  • Offer relevant insights in discussion about how to prepare people for change, including planning for learning and motivational issues relevant to different roles and types of people
  • Help colleagues understand the difference between organisational change and the human impact of transition, and suggest practical leadership actions of different stages of a change
  • Support the identification and mapping of stakeholders in a change process and help develop approaches to build and maintain stakeholder engagement
  • Draft the communications plan for a change initiative, taking proper account of the various stakeholders and of an appropriate range of communications channels
  • Recognise signs of resistance to change and propose actions to mitigate it
  • Propose a range of levers which a change can be sustained and become embedded in the organisation

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