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Looking For Skilful, Certified Interns. Look no Further.

Logitrain offers skilled and qualified interns with in-depth IT knowledge holding multi-vendor certifications (ITIL, Microsoft, and Cisco). They are highly motivated pre-professionals, and most of them have got previous industry experience as well. They will effectively manage your workflow to accomplish immediate objectives and bring a fresh perspective to the workforce. We are confident that our interns will enhance your productivity, reduce your existing workload and bring improvement and creative ideas to your organisation.

  • Client and Desktop Operating System Skills
    Our interns work the current desktop clients and latest Windows operating systems and have the skills and knowledge to install and configure operating systems without supervision. They can help set up multiple computers, internet connection, configure internet routers and WIFI modems. Our trainees have gained invaluable skills and can troubleshoot most Windows and connectivity related issues with ease.
  • Windows Server Skills
    Learning in our state of the art labs, our internees learn the basic and advanced concepts about server operating systems. They can help design, install, configure, troubleshoot issues related Server OS and hardware. Our internees are highly proficient with Active Directory, e.g. creating user accounts, computer accounts, resetting passwords. Whether it is backup or restore, DHCP, DNS, Hyper-V, domain controllers, fault tolerance with RAID, group policies or server recovery issue they will handle it with confidence.
  • Networking Skills
    Our internees are proficient with networking skills and can install, configure, troubleshoot LANs and WANs comprising of Cisco routers and switches. They have mastered the skills relating to IP addressing and subnetting and design and implement small networks. They have gained extensive knowledge of DLink, Netgear, Billion and firewall devices.
  • IT Service Management Skills
    By going through the ITIL Foundation course and passing the certification exam, they easily comprehend service and service management, service value, process, functions and roles, Service Lifecycle and best practices of IT management.
  • Customer Service Skills
    Most of our interns have previously worked in Customer Service roles and understand the importance of providing quality service with a smile. Secondly, our career gearUP program works to develop technical customer service skills which make them easy to approach, friendly and polite.
  • Latest IT Certifications
    Most of them hold the current industry IT certifications, e.g. ITIL Foundation, CCENT, CCNA Routing and Switching, Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate MCSA certifications.
  • Interested!
    For resumes, having an initial technical chat or arranging an interview with one of our skilled interns, please email [email protected].


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