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MOS Office 2016

MOS Office 2016

MOS Office 2016 Certification Course

The 5 day MOS course covers training for Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Outlook, Access.

The Microsoft Office Specialist MOS Office 2016 Certification has been created by Microsoft to specifically validate the skills of individuals who want to attain expertise over one or more of the Office Programs from Word and Excel to Access and Outlook. The Microsoft Office Specialist MOS Office 2016 is a foundation-level certification which can be followed by Microsoft Office Specialist Expert and Microsoft Office Specialist Master.

The Microsoft Office Specialist MOS Office 2016 Certification increases the career opportunities and the expected salary manifold. During training in specific Office Programs, a detailed understanding of the specific programs is imparted to the students including core document creation, collaboration and communication in Word 2016, core data analysis, manipulation and presentation using Excel 2016, creating presentations using PowerPoint 2016 and what not.

After completing the MOS Office 2016 course, the student can demonstrate a high level of competency in using any of the Office 2016 programs effectively and efficiently.

  • Training: get practical technical skills
  • Small class size: increased instructor interaction
  • Expert trainers: imparting real world experience
  • Numerous opportunities in Businesses

No Pre-requisites

Candidates can achieve the MOS certifications by passing one or more of the following exams (exam fee is not included in the course fee).

  • Exam 77-725 Word 2016: Core Document Creation, Collaboration, and Communication
  • Exam 77-727 Excel 2016: Core Data Analysis, Manipulation, and Presentation
  • Exam 77-729 PowerPoint 2016: Core Presentation Design and Delivery Skills
  • Exam 77-730 Access 2016: Core Database Management, Manipulation, and Query Skills
  • Exam 77-731 Outlook 2016: Core Communication, Collaboration and Email Skills
MOS Word 2016 Course Material
MOS Excel 2016 Course Material

MOS Office 2016- Logitrain Course Material

  • Using Microsoft Word 2016
  • Using Microsoft Excel 2016
  • Using Microsoft PowerPoint 2016
  • Using Microsoft Access 2016
  • Using Microsoft Outlook 2016

This course is likely to add to the employment related skills of the participants. The skills developed are likely to be used in the course of being an employee or working in a business.

  • Students
  • Helpdesk operators
  • First-level network support staff

Word 2016
Create and manage documents
• Create a document
• Navigate through a document
• Format a document
• Customise options and views for documents
• Print and save documents
Format text, paragraphs and sections
• Insert text and paragraphs
• Format text and paragraphs
• Order and group text and paragraphs
Create tables and lists
• Create a table
• Modify a table
• Create and modify a list
Create and manage references
• Create and manage reference markers
• Create and manage simple references
Insert and format graphic elements
• Insert graphic elements
• Format graphic elements
• Insert and format SmartArt graphics
Excel 2016
Create and manage worksheets and workbooks
• Create worksheets and workbooks
• Navigate in worksheets and workbooks
• Format worksheets and workbooks
• Customize options and views for worksheets and workbooks
• Configure worksheets and workbooks for distribution
Manage data cells and ranges
• Insert data in cells and ranges
• Format cells and ranges
• Summarize and organize data
Create tables
• Create and manage tables
• Manage table styles and options
• Filter and sort a table
Perform operations with formulas and functions
• Summarize data by using functions
• Perform conditional operations by using functions
• Format and modify text by using functions
Create charts and objects
• Create charts
• Format graphic elements
• Insert and format objects
PowerPoint 2016
Create and manage presentations
• Create a presentation
• Insert and format slides
• Modify slides, handouts, and notes
• Order and group slides
• Change presentation options and views
• Configure a presentation for print
• Configure and present a slide show
Insert and format text, shapes, and images
• Insert and format text
• Insert and format shapes and text boxes
• Insert and format images
• Order and group objects
Insert tables, charts, SmartArt, and media
• Insert and format tables
• Insert and format charts
• Insert and format SmartArt graphics
• Insert and manage media
Apply transitions and animations
• Apply slide transitions
• Animate slide content
• Set timing for transitions and animations
Manage multiple presentations
• Merge content from multiple presentations
• Finalize presentations
Access 2016
Create and manage a database
• Create and modify databases
• Manage relationships and keys
• Navigate through a database
• Protect and maintain databases
• Print and export data
Build tables
• Create tables
• Manage tables
• Manage records in tables
• Create and modify fields
Create queries
• Create a query
• Modify a query
• Create calculated fields and grouping within queries
Create forms
• Create a form
• Configure form controls
• Format a form
Create reports
• Create a report
• Configure report controls
• Format a report
Outlook 2016
Manage the Outlook environment for productivity
• Customize settings
• Print and save information
• Perform search operations in Outlook
Manage messages
• Configure mail settings
• Create messages
• Format a message
• Organize and manage messages
Manage schedules
• Create and manage calendars
• Create appointments, meetings, and events
• Organize and manage appointments, meetings, and events
• Create and manage notes and tasks
Manage contacts and groups
• Create and manage contacts
• Create and manage contact groups

What is included with the MOS Office 2016 Course?
Logitrain course includes official certification exam fee.

Certificate of Attendance

Get a Certificate of Attendance to prove your commitment to learning

Logitrain's Pass Guarantee

Includes Practical Exercises

Course includes practical exercises to give you hands-on skills and confidence

Logitrain courses, programs and packages includes course material.

Includes Course Material

Course material in hardcopy is included for you to keep for reference and support

Logitrain courses, packages and programs includes sample practise questions.

Includes Practise Questions

Practise questions included in full-time courses for 3 months from course completion

Logitrain full-time course includes course retake, if you do not pass the official certification exam.

Highly Skilled Trainers

Our trainers are highly skilled with expertise and extensive hands-on experience

Logitrain courses include price beat guarantee.

Our Price Beat Guarantee

Relax, we will beat competitor’s advertised price. Our course has no extra costs


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