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Not for Profit and Charities

Discounts for New Zealand Charities and Not for Profit Organisations (NGO)

Logitrain has been delivering high-quality training since 2004. We truly understand the effort and hard work it takes to provide the highest quality training in every training session.

We realise there are a lot of organisations putting in their 100% all the time not for themselves but the good of others. At Logitrain, we appreciate their kind gesture and therefore to lend our helping hand in this noble cause, Logitrain offers a generous discount for NZ Charities and Not-for-profit organisations (NGOs).

We have worked with numerous, not for profit organisations and have delivered training courses to meet their business goals. We also offer in-house training courses and live online training courses to cater to your evolving needs.

We offer a vast range of training courses in IT, Networking, Software Testing, Business Analysis, Project Management, Cloud Computing, Professional Development and more to suit professionals interested in various aspects of IT.

To get more information, fill out the form, and one of our training specialists will get in touch.


* To avail the discount, the Non-profit organisation (NGO) or NZ Charity organisation must be currently registered with the New Zealand (NZ) government.

Not for Profit Organisations Training Discounts

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