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Change Management Foundation

Change Management Foundation Course + Exam

Change Management Foundation Certification

The APMG Change Management Foundation course introduces the problems faced and their respective solutions in the management of change, as well as behavioral aspects, tools and techniques and examples in real situations in organisations.

This course will prepare you to conduct highly effective organisational change, transition or transformation. Drawn from a range of professional approaches to enable smooth implementation of change accounting for risks and costs. You will also learn how to manage change process while keeping stakeholders engaged throughout the process.

The APMG Change Management Foundation training course prepares you for the Change Management Practitioner certification. This course is based upon the Agile management methodologies, which is internationally accredited and highly demanded in the job market.

Some of the broad thematics and topics to be studied are listed below:

  • General Concepts About Change
  • Identification of Resistors to Change
  • Obtaining Commitment
  • Why Do Projects Fail?
  • Adaptive Culture for Change
  • The New Situation
  • The “Curve” of the Transition to Change
  • The New Role of the Change Manager
  • Manage Successfully and Maintain Productivity
  • Purpose Differences
  • The Cycle of People Development from 0 to 62 years old.
  • Paralyzing Fears
  • People Management
  • Concept of Multidisciplinary Work
  • Teams That Work
  • Strategy Model of Birds
  • Strategies Not Recommended
  • Strategies Related to Talent
  • The 3 Forms of Participation in Change: Agent, Negligent and Reagent
  • Transformation of the Negligent and the Reagent
  • Strengthening the Role of the Agent
  • Personal Change Plan
  • Concept of Micro-solutions
  • Desire and Knowledge
  • Skill and Incentive for Change
  • Information, Identity and Infrastructure
  • Institution and Incentive
  • Strategy for Communication
  • Effectiveness in Communication
  • Presentation of Communication Plan Templates
  • Training Strategies for Change
  • Critical Factors for Successful Training
  • Training Plan Template Presentation
  • Evaluation Structure
  • Calculating the Readiness Index

These topics will establish a solid understanding of basic models and principles of implementing change from the APMG directive. It is relevant for anyone who is an aspiring for a change manager role. It is also relevant for other staff involved in the change process. The benefited roles could include Change leaders, change managers, portfolio managers, organisational development managers, business change agents, implementers and support.

This certification is a key requirement for the following jobs:

  • Project managers
  • Programme managers
  • Change managers
  • Staff involved change programmes
  • Change leaders
  • Change implementers
  • Change support staff in PMO

There are no pre-requisites for Change Management Foundation course

Candidates can achieve the Change Management Foundation Examination certification by passing following exam(s).

  • Change Management Foundation Examination

The certification exam can be registered and attempted within 3 months of course/module completion


Change Management Handbook is included
  • Impact of a change and how to develop strategies to help people through change
  • How organisations work, organisational culture and the models and processes of change
  • Change drivers, the change governance structures typically used in organisations
  • Preparing people for change and supporting their learning and motivation to change
  • Stakeholder engagement process and how to develop suitable communications strategies and plans
  • Impact of change on organisations
  • Importance of defined change roles, and how to build and support an effective change team

This course is likely to add to the employment related skills of the participants. The skills developed are likely to be used in the course of being an employee or working in a business.

  • Professionals requiring an understanding of change management process
  • Professionals working in project environment and want to understand and apply change management practices
  • Explain how individuals are impacted by change, different ways they may respond to change situations
  • Contribute to development of strategies to help individuals through change, increasing motivation for change
  • Offer insights on how organisations work, how the process of organisational change occurs and the typical roles
  • Identify key drivers of an organisation’s culture, and recognise different types of change process
  • Describe significant elements of the stakeholder engagement process in a change initiative, and relate this to appropriate communications strategies
  • Discuss with colleagues the different areas of impact of a change initiative, and how momentum for that change can be built and sustained
  • Outline important aspects of how to build an effective change team, and to contribute to discussions about how to improve the effectiveness of a team

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