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Developing on AWS

AWS Certified Developer – Associate Course + Exam

AWS Certified Developer – Associate Certification

The Amazon Web Services “Developing on AWS” course aims to teach professionals about the basics of AWS Software Development Kit (AWS SDK) and how it can be used to develop scalable and robust cloud applications.

AWS Certified Developer – Associate training provides in-depth knowledge about the key concepts, troubleshooting tips and best practices related to AWS and how AWS can be interacted with using code.

AWS Certified Developer – Associate is a foundation level course, it prepares an individual with the knowledge about a fast-growing AWS platform.

  • The AWS Certified Developer – Associate helps professionals find job opportunities in AWS sector.
  • Individuals with previous experience in high-level language programming can easily learn the usage of AWS SDK.
  • AWS Certified Developer – Associate course requires knowledge of programming languages and cloud computing

Candidates can achieve the AWS Certified Developer – Associate certification by passing following exam(s).

AWS Certified Developer – Associate Exam

The certification exam can be registered and attempted within 3 months of course/module completion at Logitrain training centre on weekdays during normal business hours (excludes public holidays)

AWS Certified Developer – Associate Logitrain course material

After completing AWS Certified Developer – Associate course, the participant will be able to demonstrate competencies like:

  • Setting up the AWS SDK and Java, C#/, .Net, Python and JavaScript developer credentials.
  • Interacting with AWS services using AWS SDK and developing solutions.
  • Using data stores – Amazon DynamoDB and Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3)
  • Service authentication using AWS Identity and Access Management (IAM)
  • User authentication using Web Identity Framework and Amazon Cognito.
  • Improving application scalability using Amazon ElastiCache and Amazon CloudFront.
  • Using Amazon Kinesis, Amazon Simple Queue Service (Amazon SQS), Amazon Lambda, Amazon Simple Notification Service (Amazon SNS) and Amazon Simple Workflow Service (Amazon SWF) for integrating applications and data

This course is likely to add to the employment related skills of the participants. The skills developed are likely to be used in the course of being an employee or working in a business.

The audience for the AWS Certified Developer – Associate course are:

  • Students
  • Intermediate-level Software Developers

 Building the Foundation

  • Introduction to Developing on AWS
  • Choosing a Data Store
  • Developing Storage Solutions with Amazon S3
  • Developing Flexible NoSQL Solutions with Amazon DynamoDB

Connecting Applications and Data with Event-Driven Processing

  • Working with Events
  • Developing Event-Driven Solutions with Amazon Kinesis Stream
  • Developing Event-Driven Solutions with Amazon SWF, Amazon SQS, and Amazon SNS
  • Developing Event-Driven Solutions with AWS Lambda

Developing and Deploying Secure, Scalable Applications

  • Developing Secure Applications
  • Caching Information for Scalability
  • Monitoring Your Application and AWS Resources with Amazon CloudWatch
  • Deploying Applications with AWS Elastic Beanstalk and AWS CloudFormation

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What is included with the AWS Certified Developer – Associate Course?
Logitrain course includes official certification exam fee.

Includes Official Exam Fee

Take the certification exam within 3 months of course / module completion

Logitrain's Pass Guarantee

Kryterion Test Center

Take the official vendor certification exam at an available training center

Logitrain courses, programs and packages includes course material.

Includes Course Material

Course material in hardcopy is included for you to keep for reference and support

Logitrain courses, packages and programs includes sample practise questions.

Includes Practise Questions

Practise questions are included to assist you in preparing for the official exam

Logitrain full-time course includes course retake, if you do not pass the official certification exam.

Highly Skilled Trainers

Our trainers are highly skilled with expertise and extensive hands-on experience

Logitrain courses include price beat guarantee.

Our Price Beat Guarantee

Relax, we will beat competitor’s advertised price. Our course has no extra costs


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